A Modern Day Village Witch and Spiritual Guide

Hello there,

I wish to connect with the world by sharing gifts from the Universe with individuals through guidance and healing.  I want to help you heal old wounds and stop limiting beliefs so that you can create your truth and purpose on this life's path.  


I chose the name The Owl and the Arrow to represent what I believe to be the two main ingredients in creating peace and happiness.  


Wisdom and Direction.


I use some of the old ways and some modern techniques to help you discover both.  If you are feeling stuck or confused or like you are just getting through the day, you can transform those feelings into waking with energy and passion and living your life with  purpose and happiness.  You will awaken your Inner Wisdom and move forward with a clear direction. You will harness what is already within you and rediscover inspiration.  I can't wait to share that space with you.  <3


© 2018  by Lia Smith

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